I am a graduate of the Interior & Environmental Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, within Dundee University. 
What fascinates me the most about the spatial design is the relationship which people develop within space, the mechanisms that condition the way we percept the environment around us, and how the varied forms of a built environment can influence human behaviour. During my studies, I have developed a great interest in biophilic design that was dictated both by my personal affection towards nature and by the desire to research the benefits from reconnecting humans with the natural environment. 
Applying guidelines sourced from nature to the built environment, as well as taking inspiration from what is rural and intrinsic to humans as social beings, became the tools that I use during a creative process. They help me to find solutions that bring out the best in human behaviour by providing a balance between the needs of our physical bodies and needs of our minds and souls